Joe McCreary

Although new to the Thomas Project Collective, McCreary has been an active participant to the Birmingham Art scene for the past decade. With group and solo show credits nationally and at such local venues as Bare Hands, Art Folk, Space One Eleven, Birmingham and Kentuck Museum as well as exhibitions at Birmingham Southern Collage and the University of Alabama. McCreary arrived at Birmingham after receiving an undergraduate degree from the University of Southern Mississippi where introduced to fabricating and metal casting. These skills were further developed during his twelve year tenure as resident artist at Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark. McCreary was awarded a Masters of Fine Art degree from the University of Alabama in 2011. He currently works as an adjunct professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
    McCreary's work deals with issues regarding community, history, and story telling. These issues are dealt with using humor and an integrity to materials and craftsmanship. "It is my intention to invite interaction with the viewer without burden."
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Goldie 1971

cast iron, steel
4' x 25' x 6'
permanent collection University of Alabama